Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to baby sit boys

Relatives stopped in to visit Saturday. My wife, my cousin, and my grandmother (Mam-maw) pulled a fast one and slipped off to do some antique shopping, leaving my aunt to watch 4 boys and 2 girls at our house site where I was trying to work. The girls were happy to stay in the sand box, but it wasn't long before the boys were in my hair. Just as I was about to get frustrated, I had what I consider to be... one of my better ideas. I gave them each a hammer, separated them by 15 feet, and told them to "get to work!" I heard nothing but the wonderful sound of hammers tapping for a solid 30 minutes! (The ball players are my sons, the boys in jeans are their cousins.) Random as they might seem to us, the marks they left on the stones should be on the front of our house for a long time.

** addendum: no one got hurt, but just to be safe, I should have made them wear safety glasses **


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