Monday, January 23, 2006

Progress as of January 2006

I'll have a lot more to write about how we got from the ice storm (winter of 2003) to this point (winter of 2006!), but until I can go back and fill in the gaps, I'll be posting our actual progress as it happens. Here's where we are as of January 2006... Bents A,B, and C are up, with rafters on top. When it's done, the house will have 9 bents, one tower, and two shed extensions, so I'd say we're about 25% done with the raising of the frame. Most of the timbers have been notched (there are about 400 timbers in total), so it's mostly a matter of finding them in the barns, sanding/oiling them, assembling them into bents/trusses on the ground, and then raising them.


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