Monday, January 30, 2006

Hanging out waiting for Bent D

We used scaffolding to suspend 3 of the 6 girts that will connect Bent C to Bent D. We've decided to raise Bent D in two sections, and at this point we only need 3 of the girts in place in order to raise the first section of Bent D. We've found that the 3/4" steel nail pins that I bought for the concrete form work are very handy for temporarily pegging braces. After assembly we remove these pegs and drive octagonal 1" locust or white oak pegs.

...and what are the people in the picture doing? Well, we've been using ratchet straps and come-alongs to hold the frame together until we're certain we're ready to peg things. We just discovered that we had run out of straps, and we need some for Bent D! Time to drive some pegs and free up some more straps.


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