Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rafters on the cantilevered gable.

Thursday and Friday we worked on the "cantilevered gable room". Basically, this is a room with a vaulted ceiling that hangs out over the 1st floor room by 2 feet. Pendants hang down from the 2nd floor posts and from the roof truss.

I really like how the cantilever and pendants turned out - if I had it to do over, I think I would have extended the cantilever even further (maybe another 2 feet).

Only the last rafter pair had a collar tie. In order to fly the other rafter pairs, we nailed a temporary collar tie (oak 1x3) into each pair, and removed them after the rafter feet were solidly planted on the top plates. Before flying in the last rafter pair (actually a truss since it had a collar tie and king post), we fitted the ridge beam. This truss then "slid" onto the top plates and into the ridge beam. It was getting late Friday and we felt like we had accomplished plenty, so we'll wait til Monday to peg it all in place!


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