Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Massie House Blog Posts Indexed by Category

Masonry, Stonework, and Foundation

the rumford fireplace/brick oven/cook stove structure
Pizza Oven Hearth (Part VI)
Pizza Oven Base (Part V)
Rumford (Part IV)
Stone Arches Without Mortar (Part III)
Starting the Stonework (Part II)
Building a Rumford (Part I)
Concrete is Always Exciting
Stainless Steel Termite Flashing
Pouring the Basement Slab
exterior stonework
Still in the Stone Ages
Stone on the Little Tower
Custom Stone Lintols
Stone Age the mixup
How to Babysit Boys
Dawn of the Stone Age
Stonemason terminology
quarrying stone
Rubble Rousers

Slate Roofing

learning about slate roofing
Slate Book Review
Slate Conference in Pennsylvania
the eyebrow dormer
Eyebrow Dormer is Finished
Nine Courses of the Eyebrow Dormer
Five Courses of the Eyebrow Dormer
Begining the Eyebrow Dormer
Eyebrow Dormer is Framed
Inside the Eyebrow Dormer
West Side Story (Eyebrow Dormer Framing)
copper, stainless, and terne coated stainless flashing for slate
Flashing for Slate
Copper Shingles Are On
Stealth Airplane or Cricket
Copper Flashing for South Dormer
Installing and Flashing Slate Hips
Back on the Roof
other slate roof topics
DOT Approved Finial
Tower Half Done (lots of lightning rod comments on this post)
Quick Roof Update
Slate slate and more slate
Slating the North Hip Roof in the Rain
First Doghouse Dormer Slated
Head Scratching at the top of the Tower
The Little House (hexagonal slates)
The slate is here!
slate flooring
Recycling Slate Roofing for Flooring

Offgrid Living and Alternative Energy

Our Wood Cook Stove
Adding More Solar Panels
Cooling The House
Recessed Compact Flourescent Lighting
Going Solar for the First Time
An Experiment to Produce Methane from Cow Manure
Our Home Electric Power Station (Inverters, Balance of System)
Making Maple Syrup in the Kitchen

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