Monday, May 02, 2011

Pimping my Blog and Promoting a Great Man for President!

Ron Paul is going to run for President.  To show the world that you support restoring freedom, liberty, and common sense to our government/country, please consider donating to Ron Paul's May 5th, 2011 Moneybomb!!!  In a single day, on May 5th, we're trying to raise as much money as possible for Ron Paul's campaign.  Check out these links if you want to help:

If you're undecided or open minded about this coming election for President of the United States, then please at least watch Ron in the Presidential debate on May 5th!  Go Ron Go!  For those that say he can't win... don't forget that his son, Rand, just won a competitive race for US Senator here in Kentucky!

During the successful campaign for Rand Paul here in Kentucky, I had the opportunity to meet his father, Ron, twice.  This was one such occasion:

...and yes, I will one day again add house updates to my house blog!  I've been so busy with my new job as County Judge Executive in Lewis County that I've had no time to work on the house.  Soon...